Clayton Clovers Host All Star Festivities, ONSL Looks Forward to a Big Weekend

by Darby Allen

This weekend will be an exciting one for the Old North State League, as All Star festivities will commence on Saturday, June 29th at East Clayton Community Park, home of the Clayton Clovers. The weekend will include two events, with the Home Run Derby in the afternoon and the All Star Game later in the evening, so fans will be in for an action-packed and fun day. 

The Home Run Derby will feature 20 of the best power hitters in the league to start Round 1, including reigning Player of the Year and Eastern All Star Colby Thorndyke. The contest will feature four rounds, with contestants being eliminated each round until the final two face off to crown a winner. The first round will see half of the contestants eliminated, while just five hitters will remain in the competition after Round 2. Round 3 will determine the two finalists that move on to compete for the title, and Round 4 will be used to determine the winner.  

The All Star Game will be played on Saturday evening, and fans will get to see the best the Old North State League has to offer from each team, as coaches have the ability to nominate one player for an automatic bid to the team. The rest of the All Star nominees were decided through a voting system, done by the League Board of Directors. The league has divided the teams in order to have two rosters, representing the West and the East; the Western and Central divisions make up the Western team, while the Northeastern and Southeastern teams join the Eastern All Star team. To check out the full list of All Stars and Home Run Derby participants, head to the Old North State League social media channels. 

The event is one of the best parts of the summer for the players and the fans, as Alec Allred, CEO of The Players League, said: 

"We all are super excited for this weekend, this event is always an awesome time to highlight a lot of the great players throughout the Old North State League! I want to thank Louis DeCarolis, Wasabi Sports, and the entire Clayton Clovers organization for their part in this year's All Star Game. They always put on good events and I know this will be no different!"

The weekend is looking like one of the best events of the summer for the Old North State League, and with so much action ahead, Saturday will be a day that fans near and far won’t want to miss.