The Old North State League partners with WinShares to democratize Sports in NC

RAMSEUR, NORTH CAROLINA. – Fresh off a historic 2023 season, the Old North State League continues to expand its footprint across North Carolina, serving communities throughout the state while becoming one of the leading collegiate summer leagues in the country. To continue to find unique ways to serve the communities where they play, ONSL Teams are partnering with WinShares, Inc., a for-profit entity serving 501(c)(3) organizations dedicated to bringing AI Sports Technology to underserved communities. Together, the entities will raise money to help fund AI Sports Tech used at local camps and combines for hitting, pitching, and video player profiles, bringing opportunities to underserved youth throughout the state.

"In this era of a rapidly changing summer league landscape, you need partners who understand the value in serving the player at every level," said Alec Allred, President of The Players League, "We look forward to utilizing the tech partnerships WinShares has developed across baseball as it will complement our approach to building each of our leagues and the commitment to the communities where we play," said Allred. 

WinShares serves each community by raising money through its All Play Ball initiative, featuring golf tournaments, auctions, and in-kind donations to help fund the tech and provide scholarships for local kids to participate in local camps, clinics, and combines where the ONSL Teams play. WinShares is committed to helping The Old North State League deliver on its promise of being the most player-centric collegiate wood-bat summer baseball league by continuously elevating the player experience. From player development to recruiting to serving the community, the Old North State League is committed to bringing back baseball to small-town America. "An affordable introduction to AI Sports Tech is one of the biggest gaps in today's sports opportunity landscape, and we're on a mission to level the playing field," said WinShares Founder & CEO Chuck Beasley.

"Working with Alec and the various stakeholders across The Players League and the Old North State League was an ideal opportunity for accomplishing our mission," Beasley said. "As a coach at the High School level and as a parent of two High School athletes, it's apparent that sports have become too expensive for many. Through this partnership, addressing the shortfalls many experience in access to opportunity in sports is a game-changer as we work our way into communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic," said Beasley. 

ONSL has been a leader in revitalizing collegiate summer league baseball from its inception. With innovative player-centric initiatives attracting more and more top players to the league, a partnership with WinShares was the logical next step in expanding the possibilities in the game's fractured minor league system.

About ONSL

The Old North State League started as a small dream between a Father and Son. The son is a Professional Baseball Player grinding his way through independent minor league baseball, and the Dad is his biggest supporter and entrepreneur. Alec Allred phoned his Dad, Reggie Allred, in late summer of 2018 on his way home to North Carolina from his team in Michigan. What started as a talking point to pass the time on the 10-hour car ride soon transformed into one of the largest Summer Collegiate Baseball Leagues in the United States and the creation of a national plan to unite all college summer baseball leagues.

In March 2023, the Old North State League signed an agreement to become the first Partner League of The Players League. Coined the "League of Leagues", The Players League is uniting college summer baseball leagues around the country for the betterment of the player. TPL hopes to provide better pitching guidelines and player development through its initiatives and to help teams scale a successful college summer baseball team as a sports entertainment business. The ONSL is now owned and operated by The Players League. Eric Sibrizzi, a long-time college baseball coach in North Carolina, was named the Old North State League Commissioner.

About WinShares

At WinShares, we harness the power of AI Sports Tech to drive education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for youth. Our mission is to empower local school districts and higher education to embrace the intersection of sports and STEM, providing students with exciting opportunities to explore their passions.

Our Vision

WinShares pioneers innovative initiatives that enable the launch of AI-driven, student-led sports analytics programs. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge sports performance solutions, we equip schools to nurture the growth of students, athletes, and coaches in the dynamic realm of data science and sports analytics.

What Sets Us Apart

Our student-centric data analytics platform goes beyond the ordinary. It creates pathways to internships, camps, clinics, and local measurement events to unlock the potential for transformative, long-term impacts on student-athletes. We believe in offering K-12 students a gateway to the STEM career pipeline through exposure to data analytics, sports science, biomechanics, leadership roles in sports, sports broadcasting, sports marketing, and more. WinShares is committed to democratizing sports and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

All Play Ball Initiative

WinShares proudly presents the "All Play Ball" initiative, a program designed to meet young girls and boys right where their passion lies - in sports. We believe in empowering them to embark on a journey of learning STEM disciplines through their love of sports. The ripple effect of this initiative is profound, benefiting not only students and athletes but also coaches and the entire community. When we enable our youth to thrive, everybody wins. 

Join us in revolutionizing education and sports through WinShares, where we bridge the gap between STEM and sports, paving the way for a brighter future for all.