Sanford Spinners Welcome Remarkable Bat Dog for the Upcoming Season

by Cole Watson

SANFORD, NC – The Sanford Spinners of the Old North State League are thrilled to announce a new addition to their team for the upcoming baseball season. This season, the Spinners will introduce their own bat dog, Murphy, to enhance the game-day experience for fans and players alike.

Murphy brings a decorated resume and has been trained to retrieve various items such as bats, umbrellas, golf clubs and more, bringing an exciting element to select home games. The addition of a bat dog is part of both the Old North State League and Sanford Spinners’ ongoing commitment to create a fun and family-friendly atmosphere throughout North Carolina.

Dr. Carl Bryan, General Manager of the Sanford Spinners, commented, “As Murphy is local to Sanford, we are extremely lucky that Jeff [Allen] (his owner) reached out to us to participate in what we are growing in Sanford.  I’m really excited for our young fans who get to see Murphy in action as well as those great photo moments where fans can engage with both Murphy and our mascot Webster.  It just adds to the excitement of a night at the ballpark.”

Murphy has undergone training with owner Jeff Allen since he was a 9-week-old puppy. Through extensive hard work and training Murphy has achieved PSA Regional and National Championship titles. He was also privileged to serve as a Special Operations Week demo K9. Allen owns and operates Cornerstone K9, a dog training facility local to North Carolina.

Cornerstone K9 originally started 4 years ago with private lessons conducted individually by Allen in Sanford. Now, the company has 8 professional trainers and has multiple locations throughout the state.

Allen commented, “Something I always tell people. ‘Be the center of your dog’s world. Because you are the most important part of theirs.’” 

This sentiment is leveled throughout the walls of Cornerstone K9, as all trainers are a combination of combat veterans, police and military K9 trainers, and trainers from the best dog training schools across the country. These trainers were hired and relocated to North Carolina to be part of Cornerstone K9’s mission to provide a diverse range of training programs aimed at boosting each dog’s confidence and setting them up for a life of success.

The Sanford Spinners are honored to partner with Allen and Cornerstone K9 to provide local entertainment to fans. A key priority of the Old North State League is to inspire and support the communities in which teams play. Through local and meaningful partnerships such as this, the love for baseball within our communities only grows stronger.

Murphy will make his first appearance at Tramway Park on June 8 when the Spinners take on the Hope Mills Rockfish at 7pm. He will appear at five more games during the season on the following dates: June 15, June 20, July 2, July 20, and July 23.

Learn more about Cornerstone K9 here: