Sanford Spinners Announce Walk-Up Karaoke Song Night

by Cole Watson

SANFORD, NC – The Sanford Spinners of the Old North State League are thrilled to announce an exciting and unique event for their next home game: Walk-Up Karaoke Song Night! On June 20th at Tramway Park, fans will have the rare opportunity to sing while Spinners’ players walk up to bat.

Prior to the game, fans can sign up to be one of nine lucky singers, each representing an inning of the game. Singer #1 will cover the first inning, Singer #2 the second, and so on. Depending on how well the Spinners perform, these brave fans may have to sing multiple times throughout the game.

Dr. Carl Bryan, General Manager of the Spinners, conceived this idea after a night of karaoke and brainstorming with friends. Always seeking innovative ways to enhance the fan experience, Bryan wanted to bring fans closer to the team. 

“Fan interaction is the trend these days in baseball. From recognition on the scoreboard, winning prizes, or in the case of the Savannah Bananas actually being responsible for [an] ‘out’ on foul balls. We wanted to give our local fans a chance to do more than just volunteer for the National Anthem,” said Bryan. “With all the talent in Sanford, I hope to see some great singers come out.”

Fans interested in participating can sign up by emailing

Gordon Anderson, part owner of the local newspaper The Rant, was part of the brainstorming session that led to this idea. Anderson commented, “Covering the Spinners for the last few years has been a blast. We’ve really tried to show our readers what a cool thing it is to have a local team to support. I can’t remember all the specifics of the conversation about walk-up karaoke; we were just throwing wacky ideas around. I’m excited that Carl has put it into action and can’t wait to see it in person.”

Anderson added, “Carl's done a great job of integrating the team into the community. Seeing friends and neighbors singing at the ballpark will enhance that connection. The great thing about karaoke is that you don’t have to be a good singer; you just have to be into it. There are a lot of talented people here, and it should add a lot to an already fun experience.”

The Old North State League prioritizes inspiring and supporting the communities where teams play. Through innovative initiatives like Walk-Up Karaoke Song Night, the values of baseball are presented to more people and strengthened within our communities.

Image by Jordan Palme