Former Old North State League players share their experience

by Alec Allred


(Ramseur, NC) Tyler Bryant from Amarillo, Texas and spent three years with the ONSL. He finished his collegiate career at Ottawa University where he was an All American and Conference Pitcher of the Year on multiple occasions. He is hoping to play professional baseball however, is spending the 2023 summer playing baseball in Nebraska for the Western Pioneers. Bryant described his time with the ONSL as one of the best summers of his life. Playing in the ONSL will allow you to develop as a player and gain a family. “I was able to work on a lot while playing in this league and I was able to gain a lot of brothers as well,” said Bryant.

Benefits of a summer league will help players find themselves as athletes. “It helped me find myself as a player, and it helped me learn to push myself to the next level so I could get where I am today,” said Bryant. “You can make mistakes and learn from them.” After being in the league for three years Bryant got to know the Allred family very well, “The way the owners came to me and made me feel like a family was unreal,” said Bryant. “The influence they had on me to keep pursuing the game will leave a mark on me for the rest of my life.”

The ONSL is the home of competitive competition and is a great league to help prepare a ballplayer for the next year of their collegiate career or the next level. “At the collegiate level, that’s the highest opportunity you will get leading up to pro ball. That is where collegiate leagues come in to help,” said Bryant.

“To all the guys I played with in the ONSL thank you very much y’all will forever be my brothers To the players I played against, thank you for being the competitors y’all are, and thanks for helping me reach the accomplishments you help me achieve. To the ONSL owners, thank you for the opportunities to come into your league and be a part of something special.” -Tyler Bryant

Tyler Dellerman, from Cincinnati, Ohio, was an ONSL summer baseball player during his college years at the University of Charleston. While in college, Tyler was an All Conference performer multiple times and Conference Player of the Year. Dellerman is looking forward to the opportunity to play professional baseball in the minor league after the draft in July. If he does not play in the minors, he plans to play in the MLB Draft League. “My time there allowed me to meet some great people, many of who I still talk to,” said Dellerman.

Not only does playing in the ONSL give you the opportunity to play against top competition, but players will also have the opportunity to play for great coaches. “One way it really helped me in my development as a player is it got me around some great coaches that helped me develop,” said Dellerman. “Coach Sean Stevens along with Coach Ty Moore and Coach Hege really gave me the opportunity to develop my game those two summers.”

Playing in the ONSL gives players plenty of playing time. Players from across the league love the amount of game reps players get. “Summer league allows you to continue to get game reps that you might not have gotten in school or if you did get playing time at school, it allows you to get more exposure to professional scouts,” said Dellerman.

“Something first time summer ball players should know is, that summer ball is a grind but the memories are worth it and if you want to play pro ball, it gives you a glimpse of what that life is like,” said Dellerman.

“A positive influence that the ONSL had on me was all the people that I met in my time down there. I still talk to some of the kids I played with as well as my host family and Alec Allred.” -Tyler Dellerman

Written by Curtis Self, Moore Daily Sports